Quppa Caffe is set to become your second home

Quickly becoming the trendiest place in Akaretler with its quality service vision and uniquely warm ambience, Quppa Caffe offers a well-thought-out design and warmness of a home, setting itself to be the only place that will be the talk of everyone throughout the entire year.

Experience 3rd generation coffee at Quppa

Successfully positioning itself among 3rd generation coffee producers that are increasing in numbers and are the true explorers of coffee, Quppa Caffe offers a memorable taste experience with a perfect match of carefully brewed world-class coffee flavours and fresh home-made desserts. Quppa Caffe's rich coffee menu, which was carefully planned for true coffee lovers, features the classics such as Espresso, Americano, Latte and Mocha, as well as pallet-friendly alternatives such as Chemex, Aeropress and Syphon that are becoming more and more popular around the globe. Adding Smoothies made using fresh seasonal fruits to its cold coffee options, Quppa Caffe cares as deeply for taste as for presentation.

A taste offering from Italian cuisine to local tastes

Quppa's confidence in itself is not limited to its rich coffee options, it also offers a stellar food menu. Quppa's robust menu, which was meticulously designed with the Italian chef Geovani, offer a combination of the most popular dishes from the Italian cuisine and the Turkish Cuisine. The breakfast menu, which was designed with the single most important objective of making sure you start your day off with a great breakfast, features various taste combinations from Italian breakfast Buongiorno to Turkish breakfast which cannot be even imagined without honey and butter. Rich sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, salads and wraps on Quppa's highly popular day menu, which are carefully put together to please all tastes, are certainly worth a try.  

The Decoration that inspires serenity

Offering an environment where its guests will feel like they are home, Quppa Caffe is a place of both serenity and comfort thanks to its spacious environment and comfortable sitting arrangement. At Quppa Caffe, guests take a chill break from the city's high pace and treat themselves to great delicacies which are available throughout the day. Sporting a 150-person closed area as well as a wide and fun garden, Quppa offers a sense of serenity, which one might feel only at home, with its decorative details comparable to those of chic restaurants and comfortable sitting corners.

Missing the good old tea times?

Quppa Caffe offers its guests cake and dessert options that taste like family in the form of an open buffet every day. The tea times of the good old days are back in at Quppa Caffe in the company of cakes and cookies that melt in your mouth, various pies and desserts.