Becoming the go-to address to socialise and hold jolly meet-ups shortly after its grand opening, Quppa Caffe turns the most delicious reason to wake up in the mornings, aka breakfast, into a feast for the senses. Offering four breakfast menus to its guests, Quppa also serves rich coffee options and desserts for those who wish to enjoy the day even longer.

Making it into the popular places in Akaretler pretty quickly thanks to its home-like ambience, great delicacies and quality service, Quppa Caffe offers rich breakfast menus that you do not want to miss out on. Post-breakfast coffee options and delicious desserts will set you up for a good day. Quppa's breakfast menu, which offers four alternatives, includes Quppa Breakfast, which features classical breakfast delicacies, Quppa Grande, which is a rich breakfast for two, Continental breakfast, and the famous Italian breakfast, Buongiorno, which is served on a tray. Quppa Caffe's breakfast menu also features delicious omelettes for those wishing to make their breakfast menu even richer with various tastes. The Italian Florentine, which is prepared with sautéed spinach and eggs served on small flatbreads, the Spanish Tortilla Omelette with the options of bacon, halloumi cheese and turkey on Tortilla bread, and the 4-egg omelette, which is rich in proteins, stand out among the other omelettes on Quppa Caffe's menu in terms of both presentation and taste  Aside from the omelettes, delicious French Toasts, pastry with minced meat and cheese filling, Nutella Biscotti Grissini and Organic Muesli with almond milk, coconut milk or soy milk are but a few of the delicacies featured on the breakfast menu. Come to Quppa Caffe if you wish to start off your day with a smile and in a fun atmosphere.