The hippest social facility in Akaretler, Quppa Caffe offers a match of 3rd generation coffee experience and daily fresh cakes. Quppa Caffe is the place to have the most endearing conversations while enjoying various cakes that appeal to both the eyes and the pallet thanks to excellent presentation and taste.  

A high-traffic locale in Akaretler, Quppa Caffe welcomes its guests who wish to socialise in home-like comfort. Offering a rich menu covering everything from breakfast to main dishes, Quppa Caffe's open kitchen concept delivers fresh cake and dessert options as well as other high-profile tastes. Turning the joy of coffee into a feast for the senses with its delicious cakes, Quppa will brighten up your day with its cake and dessert menu featuring cakes, which are as light as a feather thanks to the Italian cream that goes into them, genuine tiramisu prepared with mascarpone, delicious pies, and chocolate mille-feuille cake prepared with seasonal fruits.

Homemade cakes and melt-in-your-mouth cookies

Quppa's dessert menu speaks to both those seeking new tastes and those enjoying classical home-made tastes. Forest fruit, chocolate chip muffins, carrot, lemon, chocolate and vanilla cakes, and walnut brownies offer the nostalgia of your mother's cooking, while fresh melt-in-your-mouth cookies stand out as good company to hot beverages with oat, fruit and chocolate cookie variants. Other stars on Quppa's dessert menu include panna cotta, profiterole, trifle in a cup and waffles.